Program Details:

Legal Services

We provide a variety of free and low-cost legal services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. We have legal advocates and attorneys on staff that assist with a variety of legal issues. We also provide support to survivors who are reporting to law enforcement and support throughout criminal and civil justice processes.


Legal + justice system advocacy

Our staff and partners are available to support survivors with navigating legal and justice systems. This includes helping survivors understand what to expect, providing case updates and accompanying survivors to court, when reporting to law enforcement, etc.


protective orders

We assist domestic violence survivors with filing protective orders in Orleans and Jefferson Parish for protection from abuse. We have a legal advocate available at our office and at the Orleans Parish Civil Courthouse to assist with safety planning and drafting and filing paperwork. We also partner with attorneys from Project SAVE and SLLS who represent survivors for free at protective order hearings.


divorce + custody

Our on-site attorneys from Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS) assist survivors of domestic violence in Orleans and Jefferson Parish with understanding their legal options and filing for divorce or for custody from an abusive party.


other legal services

Our office hosts two LIFT fellows. These are private attorneys who are building their practice in family law and provide low-cost legal services to our clients. We also partner with the Family Justice Legal Center. These groups can assist with a wide range of legal needs and can work in parishes outside our traditional service area.



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