Program Details:


Our trauma-informed team of counselors provide free individual and group therapy for survivors at all stages of healing. Counselors provide a safe space for survivors to process trauma and work towards holistic mental and emotional health. Counseling services are offered in English and Spanish.


Adult Individual Counseling

Our expert trauma therapists provide weekly counseling sessions to individuals. Counselors provide a confidential space for survivors to process, heal and grow holistically. Counseling is a partnership between client and therapist and our counselors use a variety of modalities to meet the unique needs of the individual survivor.


Adult Group Counseling

We provide a weekly trauma therapy groups in English and Spanish as well as activity-based groups as part of our healing activities program. To learn more about our current groups give us a call or email


Child + Adolescent Individual Counseling

We provide counseling for children ages 6 and up who have been exposed to domestic violence, or have been victims of domestic and/or sexual abuse. We work closely in conjunction with families to help children process trauma and build healthy skills and resiliency.


Healing Actvities

We understand that talk therapy is not for everyone, and that healing comes in many forms. We offer a weekly schedule of healing activities known to be helpful for healing including yoga, massage, ear acupuncture, mindful motion, art and singing groups, and more! Check out our healing calendar.



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