Meet Our Survivors

A survivor who wrote this Poem for other survivors:

I love, value and appreciate myself. I am beautiful in and out.
I am not afraid of positive change. I am a fighter. I am an overcomer.
I am a powerful woman. I am a vessel of positive change.
I am a supportive mother, daughter, sister, caregiver, and friend.
I am smart. I am a success. I am strong.
I will take care of myself and my health.
I have no fear of the past or the present.
I am worthy of love and goodness.
I have a right to a peace of mind and a respectable quality of life;
Nothing less!
Positive change is the most honorable gift that I could give to myself.
This is my stage to shine.

I fled from another state and sought refuge with family members in New Orleans. I originally came to the NOFJC for legal services, counseling for myself and my children. I wanted to understand and heal from this trauma and I wanted to stop the cycle of abuse for my children. I worked with the Invest in Yourself program for employment opportunities. I was able to use the computer lab for on-line job search, resume building, and the staff assisted me with interviewing preparation. I was able to find two jobs that enabled me to restore my life with dignity and self-sufficiency. With the rental assistance I received through the Transitional Housing program I was able to move into my own home with my children. We began to reclaim our lives and to live a normal life without violence.   “The NOFJC helped me to get my life back and I am forever grateful.” I am now a member of VOICES, a group for survivors who want to give back and be a voice of hope and confidence to other survivors.

An email from a survivor:

Good Morning, whenever my world is upside down, or I am challenged with obstacles I think of the people at NOFJC who take people like me befriend them and make them feel whole, and I am writing this morning to say thank you to all of the staff at NOFJC for all of the little and big things that you do for your clients.