Violence Prevention / Outreach

The New Orleans Family Justice Center is dedicated to educating about, and bringing awareness of, domestic violence and sexual assault issues to individuals and groups in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

In our effort to share information and spread the word about our services, we collaborate with community resource centers, companies, non-profit organizations, and governmental units.  We reach out to the area’s faith based communities, and provide information on our services at community meetings, fairs, and many other venues.

Our program, Speak Up, reaches into area schools and colleges to educate around the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault and creates avenues that allow children, adolescents, and young adults to think about, and act upon creating, healthy relationships. 

The New Orleans Family Justice Center is available for presentations, both on and off-site.  We are always excited to present at venues that allow us to reach the wider community.

For information, or to schedule a tour or participation at an event, please contact Sharon W. Henry, Community Outreach/Event Coordinator, at 504-503-0866, or at