Social Change / Public Policy

The New Orleans Family Justice Center works to create an effective community response to the issue of family violence with a two-pronged approach: ADVOCACY AND EDUCATION

Our advocacy efforts seek to ensure that survivors, their children, and those at risk of family violence are protected and are treated compassionately.

  • We identify those systems and organizations throughout our service area that impact victims of family violence and work to ensure that those systems are effective in maintaining victim safety and holding perpetrators accountable. Additionally we identify community practices that may have unintended consequences on survivors or may have the impact of re-victimizing the survivor.
  • We educate the community and our legislators on the community impact of family violence and advocate for laws and institutional practices that support victim safety and perpetrator accountability.
  • We advocate for laws that protect victims, increasing their safety, and holds perpetrators accountable.
  • We advocate and educate our criminal justice partners to
    • Recognize and address biases, assumptions and stereotypes about victims
    • Treat all victims with respect, and employ interviewing tactics that encourage a victim to participate and provide facts about the incident.
    • Investigate sexual assault and domestic violence complaints thoroughly and effectively
    • Appropriately classify reports of sexual assault or domestic violence
    • Properly identify the assailant in domestic violence incidents
    • Hold law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges or other criminal justice representatives who commit sexual assault or domestic violence accountable
    • Maintain, review and act upon data regarding sexual assault and domestic violence