Law Enforcement Assistance

New Orleans Police Department – Domestic Violence

A unit of detectives that specializes in tracking and investigating domestic violence cases once it a police report has been filed. The detectives are available for supplemental reports, follow-up investigations and evidence-collection and are on-site to assist partner agencies with law enforcement information as appropriate.

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New Orleans Police Department – Sexual Assault Unit

A unit of detectives, investigators and social workers that specializes in responding to and investigating sexual assault cases. The detectives are assigned cases from the point of incident and continue investigation through the point of disposition. Civilian investigators are part of the investigative team to assist detectives in the on-going evidence collection. The police social workers are available to assist victims through the law enforcement process from the point of incident through case disposition. They facilitate the connection to social services and for ongoing information and referral to victims.

Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office

Social work victim advocates from the District Attorney’s Office provide support and resources to survivors with pending criminal cases in both criminal and municipal courts. The victim advocates are available at court hearings to assist survivors who may be witnesses to prepare for court proceedings and understanding the criminal justice process. They are also critical linkages to community-based advocates at the NOFJC for a wide range of on-going services and assistance.

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