Education / Employment Services

Invest in Yourself

Offers educational and employment opportunities that will assist survivors of domestic violence to move from short-term safety to long-term security, and to an economically sustainable independent life.


  • HiSET (formally the GED) Test Preparation
    • One-on-one instruction based on their levels of ability and attainment using a computer program and appropriate textbooks and learning materials
    • Once a survivor is prepared to take the HiSET test, recommendations and referrals are made to the local testing agency
    • Teaching budgeting strategies
    • Managing debt and financial liabilities
    • Mastering credit basics and improving credit scores
    • Encouraging savings if at all possible for short term financial goals
  • INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT ACCOUNTS – IDA – Partnering with United Way
    • Enrolling survivors in a potential 1:4 matching assistance for the purchase of a car, home or for supporting their children’s college education 
    • Individualized services based on the survivor’s needs
    • On-Line job search
    • On-Line job applications
    • Resume building
    • Interview preparation
    • Connection with potential job leads and employment opportunities
    • Available Monday through Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
    • Available for secure email, apartment searches, benefits applications, etc.
    • Available for computer use enhancement skills 
    • Available for appropriate attire for job interviews, court appearances, and employment