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Crescent House

“During my period of homelessness, I was given a great place of comfort, privacy and safety at the Crescent House.

The staff really understood my fear, uncertainty and difficulty. The constant support in the form of groups and once-a-week dinners have built a bond for life.”


Crescent House is a confidential emergency shelter.

Crescent House offers immediate safe housing for people fleeing domestic violence and abuse. All services are provided free of charge. The shelter is located in a completely confidential location to provide the maximum amount of safety to victims who are in immediate danger or who are fearful of their abuser finding them. The provision of safe emergency shelter is for some people the first step in choosing a life away from violence. When victims flee domestic abuse, they are often forced to leave their homes, with nowhere else to turn. For many, seeking safety with family members may not be a safe choice and can put all family members at risk.

Crescent House is designed to be short term emergency housing assistance giving the survivor a safe place to live while options are considered and decisions made about the relationship with the abuser. During the stay in Crescent House, the survivor is provided with a wide range of resources and services:

  • A safe, private living space that offers relief from constant battering, time to think through options and an environment that promotes healing

  • Available food, clothes and personal hygiene products for daily living

  • Advocates who will assist with accessing community resources and information, coping strategies, and managing the shelter experience

  • Access to civil legal services that may include filing for a temporary restraining order or protective order if the decision is not to return to the abusive partner or to help navigate through any legal issues related to the abuse

  • Access to a trauma informed therapist to assist with understanding and dealing with the trauma that is experienced in the abusive relationship

  • Access to a trauma informed child therapist to address trauma experiences of children exposed or who witness domestic violence or sexual assault

  • Access to educational or employment services available through the “Invest in Yourself” Program including access to computer lab for safely accessing email or job search and employment opportunities

Moving out of an abusive relationship can be very difficult. The most significant barriers for victims fleeing domestic violence to live independently are:

  • Those most financially dependent upon their abusers with little or no access to other income sources

  • Those without a high school diploma

Those who have been forced out of the labor market for significant periods or have been unable to maintain consistent employment histories due to sabotage and manipulations by the abuser


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