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Cancelled due to weather - Nada Ear Acupuncture at NOFJC

Cancelled due to weather

For clients and staff of the NOFJC. If you are not a current client and want to participate, please call 504-504-355-0832 or email for a phone intake. Always FREE, on-site childcare provided.


NADA is commonly used for stress-relief, detoxification, trauma, PTSD, sleep, addiction & general well being. On site, no cost.

A treatment consists of 5 acupuncture points in each ear & lasts from 20-45 mins. You'd be seated in a room with others receiving the same treatment. You may choose to do less than 5 points or to have the points removed at any time, or simply enjoy siting in a room with a healing atmosphere.

Many people find they feel very calm during the treatment, others don’t notice as much of an effect, but find they sleep better that night. It can be beneficial to receive NADA just one time or continue to receive treatments.


Questions, confirm time, or RSVP: or 504-355-0832